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The famous Boccia’s sweet factory was born in 30s sinking the roots in the history of the same family. From ever finalizes to the search of the absolute quality in the confectionery field with specific competence in the best product: the sugared almonds. Sweet, delicious, delicate. Many adjectives to describe one of the specialties most known “made in Italy ": the sugared almonds. Today as well as yesterday they accompany religious recurrences and religious rituals, marking important moments of life. In commerce they have many shapes (from the classic ovals to the modern, representing intercrossed wedding faith and hearts) and various qualities. Optimal are Campania’s sugared almonds, produced with the Avola’s almond the thinnest and famous. Peeling, it comes covered from one layer of pure sugar syrup. The Boccia’s sweet factory, thanks to a seventhy years of experience in this field, is one truth in constant increase in the national group of the specialistic companies . Its products are famous in Italy and, thanks to their exceptional goodness, are being prevailed in great part of Europe.

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